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Don't hate me. I'm an amateur.

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So I want to make my car a highway warrior and plan on upgrading from the stock 17"s to 18"s. I'm looking at OZ Racing's Ultraleggeras (for ease of cleaning and I think they just look great, plus extra rolling mass).

The size I'm looking at is 8x18.
What mods will I need to do to my car to fit it, if any at all?

And I also plan on dropping the car by 1" to 1.5". Should both be done together to avoid extra work? I figured if I went from 17" to 17" it might be ok but since I'll be upping the size, I might need to adjust ride height accordingly?

Me and my friends are all the young crowd, surrounded by nobody who DIY's. We want to DIY though.

So aside from these questions, any other pointers?
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18x8's will fit nicley under the fenders, and with the giant amount of wheel gap that MKV's have I dont think you would have a problem stuffing dubs in there.
to tell you the truth having the wheels and the lowering done at the same time isnt going to save you that much money I mean lets face it taking a wheel off isnt invasive surgery. What I do suggest is not only doing the springs when you lower it but also a set of struts and shocks
good luck with your mods
One of the first things I plan on doing is getting a set of H&R Sport racing springs...from what Ive gathered on the net, most MK5 owners are leaving the stock struts and shocks and say the car rides as good or better...the Sport springs lower about 1.5" which with 18s, would look gooood. Check the springs out here. Obviously, the labor's what will really cost on this mod...definitely not a DIY. Keep us posted on your progress w/ the car!
Thanks for the quick replies guys.

BUT unfortunately, we're young.. and we live by paycheck to paycheck. We love our cars
(Two RSX-S, one G35, one Integra GS-R, my GTI). And we actually have pride, so we're paying our own way through. This leaves very little room for upgrade-cash, but I do plan on having enough for springs+rims by the end of the year. When it all comes together, you'll all be the first to be seeing it! (Aside from my friends since they'll probably drive by the moment my rims arive lol).
sweet! Stock shocks and struts can be used for lowering?! i am gonna do the H&R sport kit.
How is the handling with the H&R sport springs with the stock struts and shocks?
you really should get it all done together. if you get lowering springs you have to remember you need to have the allignment done as well. i would definitly get the 18's and the springs together.
If you switch to 18's with stock struts make sure you get the factory bump stops installed!
don't forget lowering your car actually throws off the factory set stability control. your car is calibrated to be more safe than sporty in some instances, and this is one of them. i go by the motto, no show-all go. if you are doing the same, leave your car where it is. spend the money on intake.

dont forget that depending where you are your warranty can be voided too. thats money you can keep when you need the repair.
Whoa Whoa Whoa what is this about lowering the car affects the factory set stability control. I have a 2001 VW Golf GTI VR6 will I be effected installing H&R racing springs 2.0" front 1.75 rear.
no no no. i dont mean it's messing with the esp or anything, well i guess it may.

out of the factory every car is calibrated (height per struts shocks etc..) depending on whats done, lowering it may not be doing anything but making it look better. Hey, I plan on doing it as soon as I figure out how it'll affect my warranty, but I'm not expecting to be able to take a turn at 80 without slowing down
I put a mega drop on my old car (2000 honda civic 3d) using coilovers.....the results were awesome for performance and there were no downfalls in the setup at all. I am kinda scared of messing with these VW's. I got H&R race coils on the way and now I kinda wanna cancel the corner if it is adversly gonna effect the car. 1.5" - 2.0" isn't really a big drop, couldn't imagine the tires rubbing. I am scared about the car running to safe and then basically taking all my performance away that I should be getting from the new suspension. These cars are to damn smart for there own good.
Its VSC for you right? Just turn it off! >:D And if I am correct, Stability Control engages due to wheel spin and yaw rates that are in contrast..... If anything it will be even more effective. You really should see a decrease in its use, because your car won't be so close to the edge of the performance envelope anymore. (Being Lower and having a lower center of gravity)
I'm saying it will take more to get those front wheels to plow, or to get the rear end loose. ESP/VSC will get a break.
Besides, if I'm driving the shit's off anyways...
I like being able to predict how my car will behave.. I think stability control hinders the predictability.
But I'm still not talking about the ESP. Just overall stability and performance gain. You really wont "stick" to the road any more by lowering this car. it was also built to be at the height that its at for a reason...stability of the car
Can you tell me then how exactly does a car with a higher center of gravity stick to the road better? A lower car is more stable, and will hold the road better. I haven't seen many H2 Hummers at the AutoCross races... And in response to the "its designed that way for stability" comment, not true. The MKV GTi was raised about an inch before it crossed the Atlantic into U.S. hands, not for stability reasons at all, but for safety ratings... so VW could get 5 Star crash ratings. :( I'd rather have 4 stars then SUV-like ride heights.... Lower cars have less body roll, which translates into less weight transfer affecting the vehicle. True or false?
very true man. im not saying that lowering your car would not give you a lower center of gravity. what im saying, is with stock wheels, struts, ESP, weight disto etc....pretty much anything you can think of that would effect roll or tailing is calibrated to work together and work well. messing with one of those factors, effects the whole ride.. see what im saying now? thats from a sermon I got from a couple VW engineer buddies. like I said though, I still want to lower mine, I just like to know exactly whats going on.

do you really think a stock VW is at suv-like ride height?? come on sarcasm is no fun.

how is that drop in filter? im debating a carbonio or a cai. i cant imagine a drop in would be much different than putting the carbonio in, im looking for the noise i want without having to put in a BOV
Alright I see where you're comin from now..
I have actually heard that lowering throws camber off and that leads to more headaches..
As far as ride height, you tell me: (And sarcasm is the greatest means of communication... >:D )

Stole them from the Vortex: High Res:

The drop in filter was simply an upgrade from stock.. I noticed no gains or improvement of sound. She simply breathes freer now. If you want sound, buy the Cold Air Intake from either Neuspeed or Evoms. No BOV needed. I've heard cars with these CAI's and it sounds like a jet about to take off.. from the stock engine otherwise. I don't know much about Carbonio, other than high $$$..
i was just curios about your drop in intake cause a buddy of mine with an SS cobalt said his engine sounded means after getting a less restrcited filter. I think the carbonio wouldnt do much, i was just wondering if anyone out there had it as APR reccomends it along with a neuspeed

i need that intake after that description. i love hearing my turbo now, but a plan man....thats whats up
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