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DIY Newspeed intake install

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Ok m8's here is the DIY (Do it your self) install guide for the new speed intake.

Me and my friend Jason worked on this so i hope it helps you all.
We posted it on Vortex first so to save space here is the link.


let me know if this helps

later Koral
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That's awesome. Looks harder than I thought it'd be. I'll bring mine to a shop to get it installed.
It's not hard at all really. Save the $50 and do it your self its good experience so when a friend needs his installed you can say to him i put mine in and it wasn't hard at all
NEU-speed... And the toughest part of the install is that fucking metal clamp on the turbo intake. Other than that, it's a breeze
Tell me about it that took about 10min just to take it off. After i got the clamp off i threw it on the ground and started to stomp on it till all my anger was out then i finished installing the intake. >:D
Hat's off to you, man. One of the better DIY write-ups I've seen.

No way in hell I'm trying it.
I did this a little after 12 midnight so i guess i was kinda of tired but i wanted to get it in my car. As soon as it was installed i started the car hoping no engine light was on gave it a rev and heard this loud swoooossshhhh noise i was very pleased with the intake.
its not hard to install. i did it with my friend. hardest part it taking it off (especially the engine cover and back of the intake)... putting it on is easy.
The engine cover i also had trouble because i didn't want to brake off the oil cap or pull and tubing off of the engine.
I know this is a reply to a rather old post, but the write up was very helpful. I installed my P Flo today. I managed to crack my engine cover, but I am not gonna cry over it. I did, however, figure out how to trick that stupid hose clamp that took a good 10 minutes of my life away before I had my genius idea. I put on some very heavy duty gloves and pinched the clamp and wiggled it up and pulled on the hose at the same time, came right off. I was so upset with myself that I didn't think to do it that way 10 minutes earlier that I nearly threw the damn OE tubing across the street in triumph/anger. Anyways, if anyone reads these posts and follows the write up, you might want to try and use your hands instead of adjustable pliers when you get to the hose clamp on the turbo inlet. It was just a little less frustrating. (Not responsible for injuries, haha)
Dang It! I just looked at the photos in this thread Fat Chris after you bumped it and I notice I am missing a piece from my stock intake! I was wondering why it liked to detach from that piece it clips onto and suck hot air out of the radiator and it appears it is missing that plastic piece that goes over top. I don't have the piece the 'silverish screws' are holding on in the photos.

Guess I'll have to see if VW believes me it wasn't delivered with it in October.
Sorry to hear that. I would get your Fast to the dealer ASAP to confront the issue and get it replaced, unless you plan on buying an intake rather soon.
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