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This DIY is courtesy of rhodesman:
(it is him talking, not me)

Hello everyone. Well I finally settled down after H2O and had some time to post this up.

A buddy of mine has an MK5 GTI and bought a bunch of bolt on's at H2O one of which was a CAI. He asked me to help him install it, and since I have little experience with the MK5 I jumped at the opportunity to work on it. So here is a play by play (the best I could manage) of how to install the Neuspeed CAI (minus the part that drops down into the fender, sorry but he wanted to wait till after winter to put that on!)

First of all, open hood look at engine, admire the FSI.... ooohhhhhh okay sorry had no pic for that, it's time to install stop admiring!

first off, you must unplug everything from that crazy overweight engine cover/air box.

Start by removing the silverish screws from the intake....

And here (sorry picture is upside down I was getting artsy):

Then you want to unclip the inlet pipe from the airbox by unclipping the hose on the front and back like this:

Now here comes the tricky part. As many of you know, the cover can be a little hard to get off. What you want to do (I found best) is to grab the box on the front left and the back left side like this:

And pull up! But don't do it hard and quick. You want to grab it and slowly pull using muscle to lift up. Don't worry, if done right, it will feel like it's not going anywhere then suddenly you will here a *pop* and the suction cups will let go. It does take a lot of force, but don't jerk it, just be steady and strong (kinda like in bed ) and it will *pop* tee hee hee.

Do the same to the other side like this:

And marvel at the mesh of plastic, metal and wires (don't mind the hand that's from crazy Pete, he's pointing to nothing!)

Here you can see the front two plugs that hold the stock intake on.

Here is one on the left front:

and the right front:

and then the two on the back side:

I forgot to add this in. To take off the plastic chunk for the stock intake at the grill, there are two torx screws

and here:

*sorry that was a bad picture =(

Now comes thew tricky part. Here you will want a set of nice adjustable pliers. You want to grab the tabs from the hose clamp, squeeze open and pull up the hose all at the same time! I suggest having a buddy help you, it makes it SO much easier.

Clamp is down there, a smaller set of pliers would be better, it's a tight space to work in:

When off it should look like this, see the nasty hose clamp?

Then you want to remove the rubber piece that is sitting around the inlet to the turbo.

OKAY You are done with the tear down, toss back a cold one!
Now for the install! Sorry I didn't get a picture of the silicone hose, but grab the one that came in the box with your other stuff. Look at it, one side is smaller than the other, the smaller end goes on the turbo! What I found best to do, was grab a blow torch (like a creme-brulet (sp?)) and heat up the small side, don't worry it's silicone, it shouldn't burn too much

Then take the smaller hose clamp put it over the silicone and stick it down over the turbo inlet like so:

Now take the big snaky tube and um... Leo, I need that......"reeeeeecolaaaaaaaa" Dude seriously, I'm working here!

Okay you might have noticed a small rectangular hole on the new intake tube, that is where the MAF will fit. You need to find the engine cover you now use to anchor your boat and unscrew the MAF from it using a torx screw:

One out you can marvel at how the MAF has changed over the years and looks like some kind of strange key:

SO now take that and stick it in the hole, be sure to check where the little inlet (from the above picture) is facing, it need to face towards the filter, to be sure to situate it so that it's facing the longer side of the intake tube:

Now you want to take the larger hose clamp and put it around the silicone (DO NOT TIGHTEN) then take the intake tube and put it inside the silicone hose (WAIT don't tighten the clamp yet!)

Now take out the bag the instructions came in (the one I couldn't find until this point in the install! And take out the torx screw. You want to use this to bolt down the intake to the engine. Like so....

*I found the allen wrench worked better for the tight space.

NOW you can tighten the hose clamp around the silicone hose!

Okay now for the easy stuff! Take the MAF wire and reconnect it to the clamps:

And then plug it back into the MAF itself, be SURE it snaps!

Now take out the filter and stick that on. Be sure to get enough of it on, so it will secure itself onto the intake tube:

And now marvel at your accomplishment!

Kick back a few of these then start up your can and enjoy your new intake.. ooh wait flip that, start the car THEN toss a few back!

I hope you all enjoyed my DIY, this is my first DIY post so I hope you could follow along. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer then to the best of my abilities. Take care and drive safe!


Special Thanks to Jason aka Rhodesman for sharing this DIY with

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I'm holding off to see the numbers on the K&N first. If the claim of 18 HP gains is even half true, I'll go that way. I'll do the downpipe, and TBE at the same time. I think that takes me out of the DIY, or at least the WIWTDM (What I want To Do Myself).

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u can get it directly from neuspeed or from any distributor. Its called the Cod Air extension (or race extension). Anyone who sells the P-flo should carry the extension too.
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