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Tools needed:
1) wire splicer (or needle nose pliers are fine too)
2) electrical tape
3) zip ties
4) Torx driver (I believe I used a T-25 or T-20. There's only 2 screws to undo)
5) Metal wire clothes hanger
6) 4 individual LED bulbs from auto parts store (usually around $8)
7) Optx 9" LED strip (1 pair is around $23 at Advance Auto Parts)

Install time:
1 hour or less

1) Begin by pushing in on the headlight switch, twist to the right, and pull out the headlight module.

2) Pull the steering wheel out and down as far as it will go. Remove the silver lining plate by pulling from the right side first.

3) Remove the plastic lining over the fuse panel.

4) Unsnap the wire harness from the dimmer switch. Cut enough of the wrapping around the dimmer wires to expose enough to work on.

5) Run the first LED wire through the far left a/c hole opening and up to the dimmer switch wires. Let the bulb just hang with about 4-6 inches of wire exposed. Connect the positive BLACK/WHITE wire to the SOLID GRAY dimmer switch wire. Run the negative SOLID BLACK wire to the SOLID BROWN dimmer switch wire.

6) Run the second LED wire through the far right a/c hole opening and snake that wire to the left to meet up with that 4-6 inches of wire. Again, leave about 4-6 inches with the 2nd LED wire for the 3rd LED's wiring later on. Use a wire splicer to expose the 1st LED's wires for the 2nd LED wires to piggy-back off of.

7) Next, move over to the passenger side. Unscrew the two fasteners holding the Styrofoam lining in place.

8 ) The 3rd LED light will go where the far left a/c hole opening is. Attach the wires to the end of the clothes hanger and push it through the small opening closest the firewall.

It will easily come out the driver's side area.

9) Leave that wire on the driver's side for now and focus on finishing up the passenger's side. The 4th wire will go where the far right a/c hole opening is. Splice the wires from the 4th into the 3rdÂ's.

10) You can now re-attach the Styrofoam lining. I used an knife to make a little incision mark in the Styrofoam lining right behind the hole to run a zip tie through to secure the two LED's on this side in place.

11) Run that wire that you snaked through with the clothes hanger behind the plastic a/c plate with the holes to meet with the 2nd LED's exposed 4-6 inches of wire and splice them together.

12) At this point all LED's should be wired together. LED's 2 through 4 are feeding off of LED 1Â's connection to the dimmer switch.

13) I used zip ties to secure the LED's in place.

14) Ok, soooooo...I waited till dark to test the LED bulbs and they didn't give off enough light. So I went out and bought another pair of the Optx 9" red LED strips. I decided to leave the LED bulbs in because you can angle them outward for more coverage. Here's where to mount the LED strips.

Make sure with the passenger side that you get the LED strip as close to the a/c vent holes as possible so it doesn't get covered up by the bottom of the glove box.

15) Make a small cut with a knife next to the wire side of the Passenger's LED strip to feed the wires through. Wire-side is going to be on the left.

16) Splice the wires into the existing ones and your interior will look like this when you flip the headlights on.

Again, the lights will dim with your dimmer switch now.
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