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I'm gonna take my fast in for the 5k oil change in about a month probably. I've heard about people going in for different things, and havent things like their DRLs turned on. Mine have been off since I bought the car from the dealership, don't know why. I'm not worried to much about them turning them on, but I'm more worried about them messing with some vag-com stuff. When I got my GIAC flashing, the dealer told me he had to use it to run some codes so I think the CEL wont turn on, I can't remember exactly what he said. He also changed it so I can roll down my windows with my remote.

Now to the question, does or would the dealership mess around with stuff like that and would it affect my GIAC flash if they somehow changed the the vag-com stuff that was put in.

Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but I have no clue.
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