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Cylinder misfiring

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About 8 months after i got my GTI i started getting vibrations and hight RPM and engine light on when idling. I took it for service and they told me one of the injectors was missfiring. Later on the problem came back. So they had my cylinder and gas tank specially coted with something to prevent dirt or what ever clogging the injectors.

I cant think of a reason why this would happen, i only pushed my GTI up to 225km/h about 4 times ;D
I only fill it up with most expensive fuel which in Canada is 91 octane. I hope the gas station didnt pump some other crap in it.

Even with 3 working cylinders i still kicked ass hehe
Ive got to learn to take it easy, but its just so much fun hehe
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Been awhile since I last logged in but I had to check to see if anyone had similar problems as me. I started up my '06 GTI this morning and was welcomed to a high idle, rumbling through the whole car, and a really annoying flashing engine. I'm not a certified mechanic but I know my way around a car. I had just had my 10k service done last Tuesday and it came back clean which tells me that someone isn't being entirely honest. The light finally goes solid and I decide to drive the 20 miles to work. My fast had been castrated!!! While driving to work there were no abnormal noises, just a lot of trouble getting up to speed the way I used to. This pointed me in one direction...I'm missing a cylinder or two. I gave VW Gallery (my dealer) a call and "told" them I was coming in after work. After dropping off my car, I am given a 2007 Toyota Camry rental and am told that I will be notified on when I can pick up my fast. Turns out that my ignition coil on the fourth cylinder was toast and was replaced. Again, I'm not a pro, but a stock ignition coil should not blow at 10k miles. This whole ordeal is starting to bug me. Is this only a taste of things to come?
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either you guys got lemons or didnt break the car in properly.

There is no way you can screw up an ignition coil by improper break in. Electrical equipment will fail for no reason. It is, probably, isolated.
Definitely not improper break in. Most likely an electrical mishap. Can't wait to replace the things with high capacitance ignition coils. I like a bigger bang.
You will be wasting your money. The ECU will adjust.
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