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Cow bells in the engine

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Has anyone else noticed this sound at idle speed, hot engine (2.0FSI GTI), if you stand outside your car you can hear what sounds like ringing bells, chriplike resonance. Seems to to coming from the area right near the alternator. Of course it doesn't do it all the time. Noticed it in my car, and a friend's GTI too.
I've recorded it with my cell phone voice recorded, sounds louder than it actually is in person See WAV link here, this sound can be heard starting at about the 4 second mark onward.

Chirp.wav sound file

Anyone else hears this? What is it??

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I also noticed that my fast makes the same "cowbell sound", but it's intermittent and seems to quiet down the longer I let the car idle on its cool-down. There is also a "cloppety" sound that accompanies it, but it's soft and doesn't sound like metal fighting metal or anything even serious. It's most likely normal sounds, I've never had a vehicle that didn't make some strange little sound.
I am sorry, I don't really have any way to record it digitally. The sound is very faint and I only noticed it after reading about your problem. Even if I did have a way to record it, I think that the normal idle noise would overcome the "ringing" sound anyway. I had a 1992 Camaro that made a similar sound (though a lot louder) and it seemed to me that it was attributed to the idler pulley. I noticed that the idler pulley is underneath the alternator on this car and that's where it sounds like the noise is coming from. In a general sense, I would say that a ringing noise doesn't indicate something wrong with the engine as it can only be created by an open piece of metal, something that isn't attached to something else by very much. Most moving parts of the engine are pretty well attached or are muffled by fluids. I don't think it is anything to worry about, it's just very annoying cause it makes your car sound less quality.
No, the noise in mine sounds more like your clip. That recording from the other post sounds REALLY loud and is much more constant. The sound in mine is more like a "dinga dinga ding . . . pause . . . dinga ding . . . pause . . . ding . . ." I will try to record it on my phone tonight, but like I said, it's very faint and seems to disappear after about a minute at idle speed, so my phone may not pick it up at all. The reason I said I couldn't record it in any way was because I have no idea how to transfer a video recording from my cell to the computer. I don't have a data cable and my IR port only allows me to download things to my phone, not upload them.
MLT06, for some reason I cannot attach my recording to a post (it says that it is not writable), but I can email directly to you. The sound seemed to come out in the recording, which surprised me. Maybe you can post it if/after I email it to you. Let me know what you find out . . .
Thanks !!! If anyone knows whether or not this is something to be concerned about, please let everyone else know. Thanks again.
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