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Cleaning Polishing and waxing the Black grille & door pillers on Mk5 GTI

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Have a new 2006.5 GTI in Red and was wondering if the glossy black surround around the front grille and panels behind the door windows can be treated the same as the rest of the painted car with cleaning, polishing and sealant products (like Menzerna, Mothers, Meguiars, etc.).

Any tips for products and applicators/wipe-off cloths for these bits?
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I've been messing with cars for about 30 years now and I've tried a lot of waxes etc. I have had 5 Star Shine on two cars now and I couldn't be happier. I first put it on a BMW 330ci about 3 years ago. At the time, 5 Star said that after it was applied, you could just hose the car off and dry it. The PTFE is so slick that nothing sticks to it. Well, I couldn't bear the thought of not soaping my precious BMW so I would wash conventionally with a dilute solution of car wash soap in water. But every time I washed, the wash water never got dirty! The wash rag just didn't pick-up any dirt, because there wasn't any on the car. So now the GTI has 5 Star Shine (BMW's been sold) and I just hose off, water squeege, and dry with microfiber towels. Looks Awesome! And no more waxing!
I recommend rubbing the paint out thoroughly (by hand or buffer) with a quality polish or extra fine rubbing compound from a paint shop before applying 5 Star, to be sure the paint is as clean and smooth as it can be. The 5 Star isn't a cleaner. Also, if you want a 3M/xpel type clear bra (they are great, check out, they can refer you to an experienced installer in your area) put the bra on the car before the 5 Star. The bra may not stick to the 5 Star. Apply 5 star right over the bra.
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