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Cleaning Polishing and waxing the Black grille & door pillers on Mk5 GTI

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Have a new 2006.5 GTI in Red and was wondering if the glossy black surround around the front grille and panels behind the door windows can be treated the same as the rest of the painted car with cleaning, polishing and sealant products (like Menzerna, Mothers, Meguiars, etc.).

Any tips for products and applicators/wipe-off cloths for these bits?
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A friend told me to try this stuff: : I ordered it and I'll let you know how it works. It's supposed to last 5 years (if it lasts a year: I'll be happy).

The fast is a lil over a week old and I spent the weekend detailing it. (My arms are sore!)

#1 NEVER EVER use a buffer and only wax a clean car. Don't wax in direct sunlight.

As far as the gloss plastic on the grill and pillars: I use the NXT wax.

For wax: I prefer McGuires NXT paste wax (in a can) don't get it on the unpainted plastic as mentioned above.
For plastic and rubber: Vinylx (from Lexol)
I use endust for electronics on the huffs to keep the brake dust off.

Interior: Lexol conditioner (and it will absorb a few coats of it into the leather)
Dash and Instruments: Endust for electronics. ( I used it on the engine covers too- yeah: I'm a geek)

The better the wax job- the easier it is to clean the car and keep it clean.

I'll post an update on how good the 5 star stuff is: It's PTFE based, so it's not really a wax, so I may just do a test spot first and see how it holds up. 8)
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