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Chip for MkV

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So all over the place, I'm seeing various chips for the MkV GTI being mentioned, with supposed rises in HP up to 250HP (on average of what everyone says). What I'd like to know is...

Can anyone who chipped their GTI tell me what sort of HP reading they're getting? And also.. torque readings would be appreciated greatly. Everyone seems to leave out what I consider to be the most fun in a car... damaging your neck with high torque!

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Probably about as high as if it wasn't chipped...having only red lined my MKV twice, the engine pretty much shuts down at 7000rpm.

I am very careful now not to flirt with 7k again.

I had my MKV dyno'd after the GIAC software was installed and to the wheels it was measured as:

225 hp

248 lbs of torque

The GIAC web site has there dyno data as 238 hp and 265 lbs of taking in dyno variability you have better idea of what gains you are looking at.

Of course, YMMV >:D

But it is wicked quick and wicked fast now >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D

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But I do have a turbo back exhaust and a a NeuSpeed P-Flow intake... :eek:

So YMMV, there is definitely the variability in the dyno's used, the one mine was tested on seemed to be quite the accuracy could be suspect.

It was tested before the GIAC software was installed (w/turbo back exhaust and p-flow intake) and to the wheels it was 196hp and 202 lbs of torque.

So I am looking at a 15% increase in hp and a 20% increase in torque with the software.

I think I am close to the line where I am maxed out with both torque and hp for the front wheel drive MKV... :-\

Actually it's probably closer to $2200-$2300...

1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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