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Chip for MkV

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So all over the place, I'm seeing various chips for the MkV GTI being mentioned, with supposed rises in HP up to 250HP (on average of what everyone says). What I'd like to know is...

Can anyone who chipped their GTI tell me what sort of HP reading they're getting? And also.. torque readings would be appreciated greatly. Everyone seems to leave out what I consider to be the most fun in a car... damaging your neck with high torque!

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I want to get an apr chip but my warranty. Do you think it is safe to do and is it worth it. Please let me know.
It is a very awesome chip imstill debating to wait til the warranty is up or just go and get it what do you think
Nice but im going to get the Apr chip. I bet if you had an intake and turbo back exhaust you would def get those gains that giac had
Not bad so $200 intake $800 chip and $1300 exhaust =$2300
I cant wait to get my turbo back exhaust and apr chip
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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