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Bcruzin said:
Pardon UnitedGTI06's unique phrasing. What he meant was, "I wouldn't buy that." right?
I wish I had a translator like this to drag around with me...keep me from getting into trouble with my mouth when I tell it like it is.

As for the ebay special turbo kit; I wouldn't trust it. You really do get what your pay for. It very well may be able to put out 25PSI and 400 million horsepower or whatever, but don't expect this kit to just bolt in and get revving. I would guess it'll take several hundred dollars and dozens of hours working just to get it installed; then you'll still have to figure out what's causing the MIL and then have the ECU rechipped. Good luck to anyone who buys this one. And anyone who does have a good experience with this or another similar deal, let us all know.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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