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Capital Dubs (DC AREA)

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hey whats up.

i started a thread called neone starting a northern va/md/dc club

we have one started.

its called

we are having one huge meet 2moro (sunday 13th july). @ the chilli's on rt 7 @ 6pm.

after a brief meeting, one of the members has been able to get us an exclusive showing of none other than......

the w12 650 GTI[hail vw] btw i am completely serious. vortex'ers are joining us too. one opportunity u cant pass on
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sorry dude.....

yea its a once in a lifetime opportunity. hopefully u'll make it to one of our meets. you going to h20? i cant do waterfest :(
which school in dc u go too?
i havent been to a meet in a while. Though i do plan on hitting up H20 either w/ capital dubs or beltway euros
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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