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My inner fast gets mad when I drive at what I deam to be a reasonable highway speed and when we fly past a civic or eclipse in the most recent case (not even Si or GTS) and they decide they can follow me. This ammuses my fast but pisses him off because they even think they could keep up with him. So my fast MAKES me push my foot down that extra little bit to send the RPM's up to around 4k in 5th and leave the pursuer in the dust wondering what I have under the hood and (most likeley) trying to explain to their passenger that I had clearly been heavily modded or used nitrous or something to make themselves feel better.
By the way just so you know my fast lives in an 05 1.8T and all I have done is a 93 octane chip... my fast is very envious of his 2.0T brothers and wants one after college.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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