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Bye bye, My Fast GTI

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I have been looking for a new car for quite some time. Earlier in the summer, maybe July, I bought a VW GTI. The 2.0 turbo one. The dealer sold it to me and said he could get it for me. So I put down $500 while he sent someone to pick up the car for me. Upon calling the dealership, he found out that the car was a demo one and it had miles on it. He could not locate another configuration of the exact car I wanted (no options, manual, black). So I called the deal off.

I'm glad it didn't go through. I love my WRX. One thing I wanted in a car was it to NOT be FWD. I bought the GTI despite it being FWD because it was such a great car. But in the end, I'm glad I went with AWD. I'd still prefer RWD (nothing beats the fun of a rear wheel drive car but AWD is great. And yes, it is more practical, especially in NJ, but I don't care about practical.

It's been real, guys.
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Thalo said:
You say you "bought" a GTI but did you ever actually do more than put a $500 deposit down? Did you actually "own" a GTI?
Nope. They couldn't get it for me in black, I bailed. I didn't like it in any other color.
blackgti06 said:
Your missing out on a great car. The Gti is more reliable than the Wrx and will last longer.
Yes, I am missing out on a great car, but I'd be missing out on another great car if I got a GTI instead of my WRX.

How is the GTI more reliable than the WRX? Where are you getting this information from? The only problem with the WRX is the transmission and during normal driving, that probably won't be a problem.
I definitely will be. There are some cool people and I love how you, FF, are very involved with your community.
dean said:
Um, okay, but i was referring to BboyAJ. If you want to be our man inside, though, by all means join.
;D Hilarious

Yeah, I've joined NASIOC and NASIOC is a great and highly informative site and ClubWRX is alright.

On another note, in a faculty parking lot, there is a BMP GTI MkV with package 2. Looks great!

I wish my WRX had the interior of the GTI, but every car is a compromise in some way. The WRX's interior is weak, definitely no VW in that regard.
blackgti06 said:
I dont think the WRX is a stylish car. I think the Gti is more of a sporty car than a WRX just because of the 4 doors.
I disagree about the sporty look, but I never thought about a WRX before because I don't like 4 doors all that much. But the WRX isn't a big car by any means.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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