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Bye bye, My Fast GTI

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I have been looking for a new car for quite some time. Earlier in the summer, maybe July, I bought a VW GTI. The 2.0 turbo one. The dealer sold it to me and said he could get it for me. So I put down $500 while he sent someone to pick up the car for me. Upon calling the dealership, he found out that the car was a demo one and it had miles on it. He could not locate another configuration of the exact car I wanted (no options, manual, black). So I called the deal off.

I'm glad it didn't go through. I love my WRX. One thing I wanted in a car was it to NOT be FWD. I bought the GTI despite it being FWD because it was such a great car. But in the end, I'm glad I went with AWD. I'd still prefer RWD (nothing beats the fun of a rear wheel drive car but AWD is great. And yes, it is more practical, especially in NJ, but I don't care about practical.

It's been real, guys.
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Sorry to see you go. Hope you stop in once in a while, at least.
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