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Hey guys,

I just recently came across a problem that would've cost me a bit less than my car is worth, roughly $4000. The ear that holds one of the bolts on the back of the block has broken due to a sloppy timing belt change. The repair shop said I was going to need a new engine. At first I thought about having them weld it back on but there's not really enough space to get a solid weld on it. I wasn't going to let this little ear come in the way of my existence of being a GTI owner cuz I would've parted out. I went scouring the web the next morning and found a fix for $90. It saved my engine from being trashed!

Here's the link guys, I hope this saves someone out there from a big headache and pocket gouging : -Ships from San Antonio, TX and arrives in 2-4 days!
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