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I love the sound of the atmospheric BOV but as i understand the VW has an internal BOV that doesnt work the same. Is there any way to get the atmospheric BOV (the one that makes the PSHHHHH sound) and not throw 100 different check engine lights? Any help would be great. Ive found this one
but im just wondering if anyone has actually attempted this change and how it worked because there is a disclaimer that it may not function exactly as before and i dont wanna risk screwing up the car by doing it.
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on the switchable Forge valve ... i see it has 3 settings...loud, intermediate and quiet ... the loud one vents everything atmospherically, this sounds like its good to eliminate turbo shock ( as they call it ) the intermediate is partial atmospheric and partial recirculation, and finally the quiet is total recirculation, which im assuming is what happens in the stock configuration of the motor???

My question is, how does each of these settings affect performance? does the loud setting have the most benefits in the form of less turbo strain? does the quiet setting put more of a strain than the stock configuration? is it best to run this intermediate to get recirculation and reduce turbo strain by venting atmospherically?

Engine afficianado's please chime in?

Thanks - TOE
Dragon, you rule... Thanks for the info, that is the question i wanted answered.

One of these days my kids will get a job and start buying ME stuff ( like mods and ground effect kits and stuff - lol )

Every time i get a grand or two saved up for toys the kids need dental work or a new ipod or money for school field trips or a skateboard or bicycles or....or....or
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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