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I love the sound of the atmospheric BOV but as i understand the VW has an internal BOV that doesnt work the same. Is there any way to get the atmospheric BOV (the one that makes the PSHHHHH sound) and not throw 100 different check engine lights? Any help would be great. Ive found this one
but im just wondering if anyone has actually attempted this change and how it worked because there is a disclaimer that it may not function exactly as before and i dont wanna risk screwing up the car by doing it.
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The stock turbo is a recirc setup so there would be no strain on anything. I'm not too sure about the benefits except that having an atmospheric BOV is better for faster spooling between shifts. I'd run it in full atmospheric if I was geting one. Oh and yes the Neuspeed CAI really enhances the sound of the stock wastegate, I love it.
yeah VW designed it as a recirc system so I'd stick with it.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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