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Boser Hood Extension?

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Does anyone know where I can get a Boser hood extension for my MK4 GTI? I have been searching everywhere...
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I need two dings taken out of my hood and I was thinking about doing the boser because I have a reason to do so. Anyone know what a competitive price should be to paint a hood at a body shop?
Thanks for the replies guys. I think I might just hold off. I need new tires and a timing belt/tensioner/water pump replace. And that's way more important than an angry hood haha
There is a way to "match" the surrounding paint. First off the paint is under the clear coat so them telling you that the paint is fading they should be implying the clearcoat is fading. When it comes to matching your paint color they dont actually match but blend the paint, when the painter starts to lay paint they dust/fade color on the area that has either been repaired or needs the paint. Then dust the paint in the direction towards the older paint. It allows the color to blend and when done right with paint that matches its almost invisible. Then they just clear the painted area of course and what I would do is have the whole car then wet sanded and buffed and it would look good as it can.

Changing the color of the car is a fine idea if that's what you want but I would choose a stock color of another car from whatever brand and use the color code that way if you ever have damage on the car you can have the paint made for the car and can use the color code to grab the some paint. What I did for my GTI.
I would love to change the color of my car. But how do they go about painting the door jambs and all the spots like under the hood and such? I would love my car in white, but I'll be damned if I had Blue door jambs and such haha
Yep...This is what was quoted to me as about a G for my hood...a HOOD...To me, that's excessive but there are a TON of factors that go into that like your hourly wage, whether or not you're showing the car, if your parents like paying for body work, etc...I don't get money like that (unfortunately) so to me, that wasn't an option. In fact, I still like the dude I saw at NAMJAM that painted his hood in Rhino liner just so he didn't get paint chips...EVER.
Like the chunky black stuff?!
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