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boost guages

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which do you perfer? AWE vent guage or the New South offset boost guage?

AWE Tuning Boost

New South Performance Boost Guage
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Tough to say!! Only problem i see with the AWE is who wants to intentionally block one of your A/C vents. On the other hand I think it looks sloppy and a symetrical to have a gauge hanging croocked off your steering column. But if those are the options I guess I would have to say the AWE looks a little cleaner. Just my two cents though.
the AWE doesn't block the vent, it still lets air pass through, but i'm sure the flow is reduced

AWE looks better to me, the one right in front looks like it could get annoying.
I personally likethe offset boost guage more. Plus its more practical your boost gauge is in the same field of view as your other guages, the AWE guage in the vent means you have to look over to check your boost, not a good idea to draw your attention away from your driving anymore than you have to.
i like the AWE more but its a lot more money. i think ima go with New South;s boost guage.
I like the cleaner look of the awe gauge my self and am probable going to get one soon
OSIR makes great stuff but they are REALLY expensive. i went with the New South Performance gauge and like it alot. it was a good overall choice. my car peaks at 22PSI with it :)
I may be completely oblivious or just plain dumb... but I'm not an expert on cars... what's the purpose of the boost gauge? I like the AWE. I have a completely stock, brand new 07 MKV GTI. Do I need one? Because I kinda want one now...
It's ok i just got my 07 fast too and its stock. The hope is it wont stay that way long. Boost gauge is not a most but it is good to have.
I think pretty much just to see how much boost you are pushing. It's also a good thing to have if you suspect a boost leak or like a loss in power since you will be able to see that you aren't boosting as much as usual.
it also reads Hg which will tell you how much air yer engine is sucking in when the turbo isnt being used.
ill wait for my boost gage until i get any mods... for now stock there just isnt a pressing purpose for me... i think once u get mds the more likely there will be serious fluctuations in your boosting.. when i do grab one (if no others come out) im just na have to go with the awe one.. love that the colours match the dash .. :)
Anyone out there who's installed the AWE vent gauge? Where do they recommend you route the pressure line? Did you have any problems with the trim and dash around the vent?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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