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Intakes, exhaust, things of that nature.

I'm trying to locate a cold air intake for a MkV, but have been unsuccessful.

Has anyone put any bolt-ons on their MkV's yet? I'm trying to get an idea for what's out there.
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might ask redrocket, he has a cold air intake on his. He got it at HM-motorsports here is their web site H-M Motorsports if you call them, ask for Mr. Green. Phone (503) 644-9121 tell them that we sent you.They'll take care of you.
I am a student at Auburn University in Auburn, AL rgiht now, which is the HQ for APR. I have their software upgrade which gives about 52 more HP and about 100 Ft-Lb more tourqe. THey are also an official dealer for the carbino cold air induction unit which i am about to get. I am also thinking about getting the full exhaust that APR offers. If you get the software, cold air unit, and exhaust from APR, which they call a Stage III package, you can expect close to 300 hp and about 40% to 50% more engine efficiency. I think the carbino cold air intake is a good deal, because it maintains the most factory elements of any other cold air unit, which helps with warrenty issues. It will also give you a really good sound out of the turbo. I will let y'all know how the install goes and everything.
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all that sounds good, how much is it all gonna cost though
the chip runs about 599 plus more for the added features such as "lock-out" and anti theft and other things (they have about 5 or 6 additional features). the cold air intake is 279 and the full exhaust is about 1300 with a cat back available for less. its all laid out on their website,
When you mention all these HP gains is this at the crank or the wheels? A stock GTI is putting out no less than 200hp at the wheels which we all know means VW has underrated this engine by quite a bit.
i'm not sure, but im going tommorrow to try and get the cold air intake installed, but either way, im going to try and get them to dyno it with at least the chip. I know that they can pull the engine HP off of the direct port programmer, so at the very least, i will know what that is.
neuspeed has a good intake i put mine on 2 days ago an it sounds great. I can feel more power at higher rpms. Also it sounds like a blowoff vavle.
Did you have to leave off the engine cover after you installed the Neuspeed intake?
Yes the engine cover is left off the engine. I pretty sure they are going to come out with an intake so that you dont have to leave the cover off.
We modified my engine cover after the NeuSpeed Intake was installed and Eli got clever with velco and black zip ties...looks great and no rattles.

What did you do? I just put my intake on yesterday.
I'll take a picture of it and post it as soon as that feature on this web page is fixed.

My intake rattles a little only if i go at low rpms. Here is a pic of my intake.
If you use a zip tie to pull the intake down a little in the front next to the filter it will bring the back side off the brake fluid box. Had to do this myself.
Can you post a pic of what it looks like so i have an idea.
yes engine cover must come off for the neuspeed as well as most other ones out there
Wow...Teh Chr!s....thanks for answering that year and a half old question!!!!
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