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I've got a red 05 mk4 Gti 1.8t. Not much done to it, but here's what I have so far...

Cold Air Intake
Lowered 2 inches
Tinted Windows
Exhaust Tip

I love the sound of this car, especially that high pitch turbo sound...but I'd like it to be more throaty and loud. And not just a fart, but a nice quality sound. I've been looking at turbobacks, magnaflows, Borlas...but I can't decide...

What exhaust system will give me the best rich loud throaty sound without taking away that nice turbo whistle?

Also, anyone experienced with BOV's on the mk4 gti? I heard it takes away this true?


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Look into 42DD exhaust

My BOV works just fine

From my Note 2
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