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Banned Polo Commercial

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So I stumbled upon this commercial a week or two ago and thought I'd share it:

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haha...i've seen this, freakin hilarious
[fish] seen it somwhere before as well. good **** O0
Nice find Clayton! VW took a chance on that one.. I liked it!!
I don't like it...lemme tell you, that **** is scary in real life.
O0 El Oh El ;D
banditscout, I'm with you that those kinds of attacks are real and dispicable. No doubt about it. I just thought it was good because the only person taken out was the bad guy. Im sure this clip was left for dead on the cutting room floor. Too many of our military and folks overseas have to live with this kind of terrorism daily. You cant go on my base without passing over and seeing loads of active and passive restraints. A few months ago, I had an evaluation at Tinker AFB, OK and went downtown to see the memorial where the Mura Building used to be. Very sobering to see all those empty chairs and even the smaller ones for the children killed.
They banned the commercial because of the reality of it, none the less it is pleasant to see the car cant be used for terrorism, which is probably the whole idea VW had...
hey wait, it's no big deal, I'm not putting up a stink about it! Just freaks me out a little bit! I've lived through that stuff, and I'm glad VW didn't air the commercial. I still think it's funny, just gives me the heeby jeebies that's all.
No I totally understand, didn't mean to come off as if I were fussin 'bout it, just going from the marketing point of view, ya know?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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