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I want to have black VW badges on both the front and back of my FAST but i dont want to paint them myself i'd rather buy them, anyone have any ideas on where to buy them? i saw them on TM Tuning for like $15 each but i dont know if they are legit it says they are for the mk3 but they look like they are for the mk5, any ideas?
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uncle dude said:
But you mods except maybe lowering! You must be feeling some peer pressure from our younger members.
You are probably right ;D
I just thought that zone looked blank on the back, and it was only $19. Stock is good for me, and the R-Line springs are a ways off (we need a new kitchen).
Go test drive an EOS and peel the one of the back... [fish]
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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