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Alright, I think we've taken a long enough break. Let's get this things going again.

For those who may or may not be familiar with how and why we do this:

The purpose of this thread is to recognize members of this board for thier outstanding and positive contributions to the the board and the community that populates this board. Nominations will be posted here, then voted on in a subsiquent thread. Nominations will begin now and will end on 1 March. Voting will occur from 2 March through 6 March. Winners will be given a special title and will be placed in a usergroup that identifies them as a Member of the Month (MotM for short). I'll get with Fast Freddie about some kind of prize or something. More on that to follow.

And with that, let the nominations begin!

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22350 said:
I wholeheartedly nominate DRAGON.....I have had many laughs on this site, many related to what he does. (as well as some very real technical education.)

Awesome guy.
You nominated me before I drove that poor kid with the Nissan away, I feel so ashamed :p

Hey Dr. J- I'll pitch in a few clams for a prize or I have a buddy who's got a vinyl cutter who owes me a few favors if you'd like to design a decals and sell 'em.
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