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Anyone sold their fast...?

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Has anyone seen how much one could get from selling your fast??? I'm not going to... now at least but damn, I've heard up to 700$ Thats some decent mod, or at least a payment on one.
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youpey said:
im selling mine too. i just have to clean off the goo from the velcro when i had it stuck to my car
Yeah, blame the sticky goo on the velcro...
avega said:
yeah, I used to tell my mom that it was "velcro tape" ;) that was sticking the pages of her National Geographic magazines too! and on the furniture, fridge and ceiling fans too...
National Geographic? That's fucking gross.

I had internet access most of my youth so I could always find something on a newsgroup, IRC, or BBS
avega said:
...shit, that is fucking gross isnt it...
I guess some people might be into that kind of thing...
dean said:
In addition to your current resume entry of GLOBAL MODERATOR, do you have a bullet point for "Co-Sys Op 1985-1987?"
Briefly. Early 90's. I think I was 10 at the time

I'm surprised anyone remembers that.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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