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Anyone in Maryland area??????

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Am looking for some GTGs or Whatever in MD area or VA or PA
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Southeast PA here, West Chester/New Jersey/Philly/Lancaster Area, also Pittsburgh.
i live right in between Baltimore and Annapolis any meets in thats area would be great
we should all combine at one point sometime. there is a northern va thread, i know a few people form the vortex site w/ mkv gti's, who i meet up w/ on wed for tysons adn thurs for arlington. Mattabuzzi or something like that is from potomac. i work at andrews afb. if we organzized this right we could get a decent turn out. mayb we should combine this thread and start a metro dc/va/md thread?
check out they have two meets one in laurel and one in tysons.
hampstead MD here , lookin for people to ride around with
Seems like everyone is just shouting out where they live. Does anyone have any interest in organizing this in to a lset location and date? Id like to get a meet before waterfest and see if anyone wants to head to NJ together.
check out its the b'more/dc mkv forum.

we do weekly meets here
check out its the b'more/dc mkv forum.

we do weekly meets here
you got room for an mkiv haha
vdub love.....all welcomed.

also check on vortex: region: the capital.

we have meets of all vws: mkiv, scirroccos, corrados mki pick ups etc..... wed night 8pm. up in tysons corner

there is also schnell its another forum they meet on wednesday too up in rockville
I'm in southern MD calvert county to be exact, im interested in a club?
I dont know if anyone posted this yet, but here goes.
WV(eastern panhandle) and the western handle of MD, and southern PA.
usually from south as winchester VA, west as Han**** MD, east as Frederick MD, and north as carisle PA.

club is
Vdubbers, Audis, Beemers, etc.

check it out. hope this helped someone

.[hail vw]
hey i am in maryland now. i am in baltimore now for the next 3 days and than i am going up to aberdeen proving grounds for school for 2 months. i do not have my GTI but i got this pontiac grand prix that i am cruzing right now. if anyone is going to be in that area let me know. maybe hit up a couple of shows or something
im in the Perry hall/white marsh area of MD its about 15 min from the inner harbor. if anyone ever wants to cruise or take some pictures or even get a possible meet or club going im down. h20 is coming up sep 26/27 and im more than likey going to go. who else is
i used to frequently attend capitaldubs meet, visit and vortex meets. now i dont have enough free time to meet up. cant go to h20 this year coz of a friends wedding.

seriously if you looking for a meet check out capitaldubs. they meet up frequently between dc/tysons and bmore
sweet thanks il have to check that out, is h20 worth it? is it anything like waterfest as far as sales and stuff
i live right in between Baltimore and Annapolis any meets in thats area would be great
i live like 10-15 minutes away from Annapolis a meet near there would be cool.
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