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Anyone in Maryland area??????

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Am looking for some GTGs or Whatever in MD area or VA or PA
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well i for one am in the Baltimore area of Maryland and was curious is anyone around here was close, i saw a Red GTI riding on I-95 South this afternoon, but i dunno if he is on this site or not
I am only 45 min from you
I'm in the DC/Virginia area - Balimore would be too far of a hike for me. I'd do a meet around here though if we can get one organized.
I will be getting my new GTI in April, and will be taking a summer course at Montgomery college (Rockville area)we should definitely meet up and try to find some open roads with no cops ;)
i live in baltimore md. man i saw a R32 and a 2007 GTI, at the same stop light on bel-air road near perry hall. we need a GTI club for the MD,VA,PA area ;D
I saw a white 2 dr GTI driving around Fairfax, VA just days before I bought mine. It almost made me change my mind on color because it looked so awesome, but I had to stay with the dark side. >:D
yeah man i like that gray, and when put some smoked out rims and head lights it looks awsome >:D
I have a VW GTI and am from WV. But I'm in the eastern panhandle, so it's more like VA/MD. My buddy rides to Rockville for meets every other week. Just got mine, but my car will be at the meet this wednesday, but not me.
I'm obviously from Baltimore, near Owings Mills

I generally high beam all the others vw racers (gti and r32), so u may have seen me...i drive all around MD for work

Even mount airy....
I live on Fort Meade, close to Severn and Odenton. Hows it goin everyone.
I live in Baltimore UG 2 dr '06.
I saw 2 R-32s silver and a blue last week on 95south in the AM.
Also ran into a cool guy that drives a UG4 dr '07
And there is a CW at the shop near my house almost everyday. On bel air rd.

I also try to wave/acknowledge all VW racers i see. GTIs/R32s/Carrados/GLIs
anyone from around baltimore have a vag-com?

if so, ill pay a little bit to change some settings for me?
grewup in hagerstown, still have family there. get up several times a year. always like seeing an O's game or two*be there in june, really looking forward to letting mein fast 6 speed loose on those remote spaces in WV. 8)

does anyone have a vagcom around here?
im on orders at andrews afb all summer. But i spend most of my spare time either in georgetown or in nova.
oh yea btw a group of us are tryin to get together in rockville this friday night. Check out joining/starting nova/dc/md club....for your input
still lookin for that vag-com if anyone picked one up...
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