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I have a 4yr old 40" Samsung LCD TV (model: LNT4065). About 2 months ago it started having trouble powering on. It would cycle through power-up and shut off about 5 or 6 times before turning on. Sometimes, once it turned on, there would be pink lines and dots all over the screen. I would then have to turn it off and back on, one time, to get rid of it.

I finally had some free time to repair it today. After removing the back shell, I noticed that 4 out of the 6 capacitors on the cold side of the power supply board had blown.

Some of these caps were rated at only 10v and others at 25v (all with 1000uf 105c rating). I replaced 6 of them with Panasonic 35v 1000uf 105c rated caps.

New caps:

Back on TV:

After replacing the caps, the tv worked like a charm. From what I read online after repairing this, it seems like quite a few earlier models were having this problem. Sucks when a major manufacturer is not willing to fess up to a reoccurring problem and issue a recall! Samsung would charge people (who were out of warranty) anywhere from $400-$500 for a tech to come out and repair the problem.
Option 1) Pay Samsung $400-$500
Option 2) Buy better caps for $8 and do it yourself

I'll take Option #2 please!

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Repaired my dads 55" using some green painters tape.

There's a switch on his model that tends to go bad after a few years. TV works flawlessly now, it too is a Samsung lol
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