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Any way to polish scratched rims?

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I just celebrated my 1st month anniversary with my fast by scrathing one of my 18" rims on the curb. I guess I'm just not used to such low profile tires!

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas on polishing out those kind of scrathes? Has anyone tried?

Hate the thought of buying a new one, the price you pay...
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Since those rims are painted and not a bare metal like polished aluminum, you will have to treat them just like you would any other painted surface. What you should do totally depends on how bad the scratch is. I scratched my rim not too long after I got my Fast. I hit a huge pothole and the rim snagged the edge just right and put a small gouge on the lip. It pissed me off but I'm just gonna live with it. It's not worth getting fixed since you really have to look for it to notice it.

If you really want to get it repaired I can recommend a guy that does really good work with rims.
In my case the scratch is pretty bad. If that person who does rim work is in the Atlanta area I'd like to know.
Well, the place I took my motorcycle wheels is in CT. But a quick internet search will result in some places that may be local for you. Here are a few you could try...

Metro Wheels

Wheel Wizard

Let us know how you make out. Post pics of your 'before' and 'after'.
Wow! Great info. I will look into that. Thanks!
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