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So I came home from work a few days ago, and my wife comes up to me with that 'look' and says, "Something happened today, and I want you to keep in mind the time that the extension ladder landed on the hood of my car when you were on the roof..." (Don't you love it when they preface a conversation with a don't-be-mad-at-me-because senario?). Anyway, she somehow managed to back her car (mkIV Passat TDI) out of the garage when the garage door was on it's way down and ripped the antenna straight off the roof and dented it. The rubber gasket on the antenna ripped. The wire snapped in two, and the threading on the base of the antenna stripped as well.

DIY DISCLAIMER: Perform this repair at your own risk! Neither myself, nor can be held responsible for your inability to get the job done correctly.

Time: about 45 minutes

1 - Flathead screwdriver
2 - Philips screwdriver
3 - Lithium grease
4 - 7/8 wrench (or adjustable)

DIY Steps:

1 - Disconnect the car's battery if you have rear side airbags. If you are unsure if you have them, err on the side of caution and disconnect the battery anyway. I didn't realize my wife's car had them until I peeled back the passenger rear side panel liner. I dropped everything and disconnected the battery.

2 - Here's what we're working with:

The roof had to be hammered out a little bit on my wife's car to form a good seal around it with the rubber gasket.

3 - The rear hand bars will need to be removed...

Nothing really to it. Simply pull back on the clips until they lock the bar in the down position exposing the two philips screws:

4 - Locate the two rear headliner clips that are on each side of the rear sunvisor brackets and carefully remove them (I had to use a flathead screwdriver to aid in removal):

5 - Carefully pull back on the side column lining just enough to allow the headliner to clear over it's overlap (do this on both sides):

6 - Peel the headliner board back by hand (it's a tongue-and-groove connection):

7 - You'll see where the antenna wire connects to the lead to the headunit. Simply separate by pulling on both clips. The lead clip is spring-loaded. For re-assembly (after the antenna base has been fastened in place), simply push the two connectors together until they 'snap' in place:

8 - Note that the antenna wire travels through the opening of the washer. Not through the bottom of the nut:

9 - Reassembly is pretty straightforward. Start by putting the left and right headliner flaps back over the side column liners. Reconnect the headliner to the groove (you'll need to peel back the liner just enough to get it over the groove). Snap the side column liners back into place. Reassemble the hand bars. Lastly, snap the retainer clips back on both sides of the visor brackets.

And you're done:



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Stickied. Thanks for the post sir!

I'm willing to bet this will work with any roof mounted antenna.

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great write up

its so much easier on a GTI

i replaced mine this summer
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