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Air conditioning

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I demo-ed a GTI yesterday with the ambient temperature at 110 degrees. Yes, very hot. My concern is that the air didn't seem to blow all that cold. Since I live in a very hot summer location I'm concerned. Do any of you live where it is hotter than haides...and how is the air conditioning in your GTI? Thank you for your responses.
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Black magic, Texas heat, AC works like a champ. Tint your windows with good, pricier tint with heat reflective properties. Buy one of those windshield reflectors. I'm telling you, my car never gets all that hot, so my AC doesn't have to fight that hard. You may want to check for a leak. For about 40$ you can buy a diagnostic set at a Pep Boys. You can check for deceased pressure first, and then use the included UV pen to scope for leaks.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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