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aftermarket radio

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So I've had enough with the factory radio. Yesterday while I was driving the volume was at "2" and without touching anything it went to full blast all on it's own.
The radio was already replaced once by the dealer for similar issue.

I found an installation kit on EBAY.

And I found the radio I want (JVC indash CD/DVD 3 inch screen)

I have a question for anyone who has replaced the factory radio. I'm assuming that I'll lose the function of the steering wheel controls for the volume etc.....
Am I correct?

And if anyone has installed a sub woofer where is the best place to run the main power wire through the firewall?

And where is a good spot for the ground wire for the amp? I hooked up the ground wire to the metal cargo tie down bracket on my MKIV GTI , can I do the same on the MKV?[/
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Is there any way to program the bottons on the steering wheel to a new stereo?

I just gor my GTI 3 days ago. I wanted it to come with NAVI, but there weren't any in California with all the other options that I wanted. I found out that I could get a better NAVI with DVD playback that is touchscreen and is Ipod ready for only about $1000 including installation. However, I'm a little turned off after finding out that the buttons on the steering wheel won't work anymore. I want to know if there's any way to program the bottons on the steering wheel to a new stereo/NAVI setup?
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