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About factory body kit

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I m new to this forum...just picked up my new black magic GTI last week with DSG and Package 1. I want to enhence the look of my new there any body kits out there and if I want the factory ground effects kit, should I just contact VW and ask? anyone has any idea where I can get the body kits for the new GTIs.? Thanks
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My GTI is Black Magic. It's the half-n-half rear bumper that bugs me the most. I think VW sells the pieces separately and can probably get elswhere also. How do you think it would look to have the color matched rear bumper/valance but leave the side skirts and front valance the factory gray?

that would be pretty weird looking. i have a tornado red, and i really dont like the set up. it used to bug the crap out of me, so much so, i almost got it painted to match the car. would have done it too, but spent my money on suspension instead. if i ever have extra cash, i think i would just get the reiger kit. i like the way it looks. but if you are going to paint the factory stuff, get it all done. it would look the best. i have seen a cw gti with the fron and sides painted, and the rear original. it looked good from the front, thats it. in my opinion, you have to go all the way.
I was thinking it would be a dumb mistake too.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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