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5 Mods You ShouldnÂ’t Do to Your Car

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Came from a blog which currently appears to be down.

There are tons of modifications you can do to your car. Whether it be lightweight body parts, turbo kits, free flowing exhaust kits; they all aid to performance. However, if you own or want to own a more performance oriented car, here are 5 modifications that you shouldnÂ't do to your car.

1. Cut the Springs
Cutting the springs refers to the popular modification of well, cutting your springs. In theory it enhances the vehicles performance by lowering the center of gravity (or super duper low rider in other words). Of course you do achieve the effect of a lowered car, however it can throw off the geometry of your suspension. Also, you run the risk of blowing your shock absorbers. So yes, you may have a lowered ride, however the handling will suck even worse, and you risk breaking something.

2. Big Rims
If you are truly interested in making your car faster, pay attention. Some people feel the itch to throw on some blingin 24 inch chromes. Well, not only will you be adding tons of un-sprung weight to your car, but youÂ're also increasing the work load that your engine has to do by trying to spin the extra diameter of the rim. Morale of the story? Stick to 18 inches max.

3. Body Kit
No, it wonÂ't aid in down force unless you drive over 100 mph, so donÂ't let that sticker fool you. And most of the time they wonÂ't aid at all in down force. You also run the risk of curb rash and what not. So that super combat style body kit wonÂ't do anything but make your car heavier, slower, and in some cases look even worse.

4. K&N Tornado
You see these little gadgets at Pep Boys and Autozone. They supposedly cause a tornado-like effect in your intake that helps the combustion process and give you better gas mileage. Long story short, they donÂ't work, so stay clear from it.

5. Canister Muffler
9 times out of 10, replacing just the muffler wonÂ't do a single thing to the performance of your car other than make it loud as hell. Nobody wants to wake up to the sound of pissed off bumble bees in a tin can. Save you and your neighbors a headache by purchasing a catback exhaust.

Well there you have it. Many of these suggestions are opinionated, so take it with a grain of salt. However if I see anybody with these modifications on their Â'street beastÂ', you will be made fun of. But all in all, just enjoy your car. If you enjoy the harsh ride of cut springs, the look of a combat style body kit with 24″ chrome rims, the non-existent-extra-gas-millage Tornado, or the sound of a fart canister muffler, then go for it. Otherwise, stay clear of these parts, because theyÂ'll do everything but make your car faster.
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dsgti said:
ok, fair enough...

now what about 5 Mods You SHOULD Do To Your Car?

Here's my top five, even though I haven't done any of them yet :p:

1. Upgrade audio...whether it be just the receiver or the receiver and speakers, the factory setup sounds pretty poor.

DONE!!!!!! New head unit and bazooka sub - sounds the balls!!!

2. Intake/Exhaust

Coming soon to a FAST near ..... ME!

3. Chip...APR

Still up in the air about that.

4. 3M clearbra and/or 5StarShine

Done on day 2 of owning it (3m)

5. Upgrade suspension, lower car...the car rides too high imo.

I think we all would like the car a bit lower, the rear is OK but the HUGE gap in the front wheel wells SUCK!
BlueFrogPosse said:
Can we add to this list?

that's phucking awesome!!!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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