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kylmos said:
yeah 250 hp chipped....37 more horses to the 350 is a damn bit more and the 350 would still have almost 20lbs more torque...and thats if the chipped GTI truly has the truly crazy gains that REVO says it would get...50 horses and 78 torque I say REVO since its the more aggressive one of the chips offered and a fair race the GTI was what 4 car lengths maybe 6 thats a giant leap thats what 4-6 seconds ahead of it? I say the 350z was asleep or didnt want to waste gas on the GTI

the 0-60 times pf the 350z varies from 5.3-5.8 and the QT in the 13's...the similar G35 is 5.5

stock the 350z can run with Aston Martins and almost Lambos
I have REVO Stage II and a ton of other mods (as my profile below shows) and mine dyno'd in at 233whp/282ft-lb. Almost all performance companies boast the hp gains and not the whp gains (which is all we care about). My updated dyno chart is in my dyno thread if anyone's interested.
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