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20th GTI VW AWP 6 speed REVO stage 3 ECU w/ Injectors

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Have for sale from my 20th golf GTI 1.8t 6spd mk4, AWP engine. REVO STAGE 3 ECU for 93 OCT FUEL and also 550cc USRT genesis Injectors.(need 2 O-rings had to use 2 on my new/used injectors) sure you can do the same when swapping out!
I went with Unitronics ecu, and siemens deka 630cc injectors that is why selling these to make up for some of what i spend on it!!
Used on my car with GT2871r Turbo with ATP manifold , front mount intercooler, usrt 550cc injectors, IE drop in Forged rods. SET AT 20psi will do over 300whp on 93 octane on my setup. I had EVAP, SAI, Combivalve all removed and had only 1 CEL LIGHT for SAI "Incorrect flow" HERE ARE SOME SPECS and price for the revo 3 software New, Without injectors. $695 revo tune New without injectors there are some requirment needed.
here is a link to what i have the ECU INJECTORS And ADAPTERS, it doesnt state what revo software they offer but mine is stage III BT 550cc file

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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