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Just picked up this 20th anniversary GTI on friday for a steal. Only mods that it had done by the previous owner was intake..
It was misfiring pretty badly when I test drove it, so I put a new MAF sensor on it, and got new ignition coils, (i'm going to upgrade to the 2.0t conversion coils) and it seemed to have fixed the problem. Had an alignment shop go through the suspension and do an alignment, got the oil changed/flushed, coolant flush, and I have a timing belt get with a metal impeller WP on the way, so all my bases are covered before I start sinking money into it. This thing is smooth as silk, previous owner really took care of it.
All I need is a glove box door to make it complete :)
Portland OR if any of you are around my neck of the woods let me know!
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