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For my 6 speed manual candy white stage 2 Mk6 gti. Bought the car with 60k on it and it currently has 95xxx and will go up as it is my daily driver. Emissions are good until 2019.

I bought the car bone stock from J&M automotive in Naugatuck in late March of 2015. Since then the following work has been done to it in chronological order as best as I can remember in my 35k of ownership:

-Forge BOV spacer
-Unitronic cold air intake
-42DD full catless turboback Exhaust
-FK Highsport coilovers
-Plugs and coil packs
-Whiteline control arm bushings
-Whiteline sway bar links
-Intake manifold replaced under extended parts warranty by Curran VW in Stratford
-Black Forest Industries stage 2 clutch kit w/ lightweight single mass fly wheel and aluminum throwout bearing (transmission oil replaced when this was done)
-Akebono ceramic brake pads all around with calipers painted white
-5% tints all around done by Tint Mant in monroe
-Black Forest Industries full stage one motor mount kit (all 3 mounts)
-Eurodyne Stage 2 software w/ maestro editor (claim 260whp 320wtq but I never had it dynoed) can have this software transferred to your name as well.
-Coolant flush
-ARM Front mount intercooler w/ stock intercooler delete
-Pre and Post cat o2 sensors (running J spacers for the test pipe to fool the computer into thinking the car is still equipped with a catalytic converter)
-PCV Valve
-Two brand new front tires w/ alignment done 11/02/17
-Oil was changed every 5000 miles religiously with liquimoly 5w-40 and Mann filter every time. Most recent oil change was done at 95k on 11/19/2017

All work besides the intake manifold replacement was done by a professional mechanical who specializes in VWs as side work and I have receipts for most of the parts.

Minor issues:

-Coolant flange is slowly leaking, a genuine VW coolant flange can be purchased for 30 dollars
-Decent sized scratch on windshield from a piece of ice
-Only one key FOB, and it needs to be reprogrammed
-TPMS sensor light stays on for some reason, never bothered me so I never bothered fixing it.
-Y pipe of exhaust is off the car because I accidentally overshot a curb and kinked it. I can weld in a new piece and re attach it if it's necessary.
-A few small dents and dings, and all 4 wheels have minor rash, and two are missing the VW center caps, as this is my daily driver after all

Asking 13k OBO, I believe this to be a fair price for starting a negotiation. I still owe 8k on the car as it was financed through Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. You may be able to do a loan takeover (payments are 212.30 a month) or pay the car outright and have the title sent directly to you. I understand this is a little extra work to buy the car, but its worth it. This is a full bolt-on mk6 stage 2 GTI and no corners were cut. This car is incredibly reliable and it rips, handles like its on rails and is an outright blast to drive, can't help but smile when you hit the throttle. I know the next person to own this car will enjoy it as much as I do. Selling because I'm going back to school and would rather not have a car payment, as well as looking to get back on a motorcycle.

Also open to trades with a loan take over, or trades with cash and a loan take over depending on how much your car is worth. Mostly looking for b6 a4 ultrasports, possibly even throwing cash on my end, but will entertain anything.

I'm not on here much, so it's easier for me to be reached through text at 2033087598 with any questions or offers
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