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Last week I had a check engine light come on, I had a busy week and the car was running fine so I was planning on getting around to it this week. Flash forward to today and my car struggled to turn over, ran for about 2 seconds and shut off, I tried a few more times and this repeated itself.

I rented a code reader from auto zone and the error codes I got were P2432 (Secondary Air injection System Flow/Pressure Sens Bank 1 circuit low) and P2257 (Secondary Air Injection Control A Circuit Low).

After doing some research I think it may be the sensor that needs to be replaced (, but I wanted to ask first to see if anybody has any experience with this and could let me know what worked for them, or if you think it may be a different problem all together.

2009 GTI TSI CBFA, no mods.

Thank you!
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