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2008 Corrado/Scirocco

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So I'm still not sure what to make of this thing. It's to be built on the MkV platform with three engine options, 170hp twin turbo 1.4l; the 2.0t we're all familiar with, and the 3.2l V6.

Here's a few scans:

It doesn't look too bad, depending on the angle. And I've heard it called both names, but the badge in the second image definately says Scirocco.
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Meh, styling looks like the new Lexus. If they re-released the early 90's body styles with these engine options, I would be all over it. Plus, I (futilely) hope they keep the gutteral growl of the former iterations of Corrado. Hearing that upon launching from the line was the best part about owning the car.
You can see how they stuck with the teardrop shape windows on the side and the wedge-shaped angle sweeping back from the front wheel well to the back tail light is also reminiscent of earlier models. The rear window is not as notchy, though - more of a continuation of the roof. While I don't mind the profile or rear view of the car, the front really leaves me underwhelmed. It looks like a friggin' Passat. This is the Corrado/Scirocco.
Good point - in addition maybe they'll bring back the spoiler automatically raising at b/w 40-45 mph. There is nothing like looking in your rearview while jumping on an onramp and seeing a guy pointing out the back of your car to his girlfriend. ;D
DrJones said:
Could be worse, though. I've seen some front ends that look like complete shit.

I can see future CLK's looking like this. I agree, that's ugly as hell.
GTI2007 said:
That front of the car on the pic is really ugly.
It's like Kia and Mercedes had an aborted baby.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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