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19x8 +35 ET MASS chrome.

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I was fwording around and these were in our shop. Dosent look too bad. 235-35-19 bf good. scorchers drag radials. 19x8 MAAS ET 35 rims full chrome. Check it out. lol

P.S. not lowered, no rubbing.
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There not my rims just put them on for fun. Let see you guys put diff rims on a daily basis on your GTi.. i bet not!
Damn your walmart sells rims like that?! Please let me know where you live. Besides the point I was just showing what you could fit on the car and I decided to post a couple pix to let everyone see. And I own a BMW and the VW and trust me the VW will get exceptional shoes just like my BMW not bling bling
;D Well dont chase me away. I just was doing the +35 offset myth which everyone is like "THEY WONT FIT" they fit perfect. Ill end up getting some black with polished lip. That jetta front end IS UGGGLLLYYY!!
I repo rims believe it or not lol! RTO baby
Nice cars.. You dont think so what? I work for a company here in melbourne "rent to own" just like rent a center. If they dont pay we jack their shit up at work or whereever and leave them on bricks. Its pretty fun until u piss the wrong person off.
I do like chrome but im not crazy about it. The jetta front end on a GTI is just so ugly and no point to it. People drive by it and probably say hey look a new jetta! then all you see is :'(
1 - 8 of 37 Posts
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