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17" ET 35 wheels?

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I have an opportunity to get a set of 17" Mille Miglia Spider with Dunlop Winter Sports for my new 07 5-door in a direct swap for a set of 15" steels with Nokian WRs from my B5.5 Passat. I know that the specified offset for the MKVs is 50, will but i also know that some of the online wheel dealers a still speccing ET35 wheels as appropriate for our cars. Will these wheels work on my car?
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I too was looking at a set of wheels with a 35mm offset. I was told that they would not fit by several wheel shops. The consensus seems to be that the Mk5 will fit a wheel with an offset of 42-55mm. You could probably still use those wheels if you used spacers though. You would just have to make sure they would fit over the brakes.

Let us know how it turns out.
only get +35 if you want huge poke.

gti's have a +51 offset stock
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