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$16,000 damage, Diminished Value?

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I hit a powerline pole and it didn't budge at all, i'm fine, but the car is sick in the shop tho.

The worst part of the damage is that the front driver's side frame is bent a little. The insurance company is going to fix it and the bodyshop that I took it to has won numerous awards (Bodyshop of the year in the US in 1995, and they're factory authorized for Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Range Rover, Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Lexus and Toyota) hopefully I'll get the car back with very little problems. BTW there was no engine or tranny damage, the car started after the wreck.

All in all it sucks...but has anyone used their diminished value clause from their insurance company??? I looked it up on the internet and I guess they're supposed to give me a check for how much my car's resale value has diminished. If this is true, I think I can get my car back fixed and ALSO get a check for approx. $5000??? Anyone know anything about this?
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fastgirl said:
Thalo said:
If I totalled my car, or if it was stolen, in the first 2 years of ownership I get the thing replaced at full value.
Is this some kind of extra option with your insurance plan? What ins company do you have?
I have a similar option on my policy.

I know All-State has the same thing, too. New car replacement they call it. That's All-State's stand.

Are you in good hands(tm)?
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