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Serge said:
I've seen the question posted but no straight answer, so here it goes ........... again.

I want to get more out of my GTI, but from experience I know that pushing 18-21 psi from the stock setup (using an APR or similar program) will reduce the life of your engine signifcantly. One can argue against that idea, but you won't be getting 100,000 miles from it.

Lets say I want to go from the 8-11 stock to about 14-16, what are my options?

APRs programs will push 18-21, but can one have them tune it down a little from there while benefiting from the dual mode programing (stock/91)?

Also, can one assume that APR's 91 program is less "agressive" on the engine than the 93? My guess is no because the turbo is pushed the same way and is more of a timming advance issue, but if it is I may go that route.

Many thanks.
My suggestion would be to look at the Revo Stage I with a SPS Select control module. This will allow you to fine tune desired boost levels yourself.
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