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  1. MKV GTI
    Hello all!! I purchased my 2006 GTI (2.0 DSG) a few months ago, and have had no issues.... in August, we had a freak hailstorm, and as a result, I ultimately decided to file a claim. I went to pick up the car post-repair, and it looks great - but upon starting it, the L Main Beam/L Dipped Beam/L...
    I have this problem with my GTI. My wipers don't work at all. The front ones don't wipe when the switch is moved up and down, and the back wiper doesn't wipe when the switch is pressed forward. I thought my turn signal switch might have something to do with this because it's having problems...
    So I need new windshield wipers. Right now I have either the Bosch Icon's or the Bosch Evolution's. I'm not sure which because the P.O. installed them. All I know is that it's bracket-less and says "Bosch" on it. ;D I've heard good things about both Bosch and Rain-X; and I've heard massive ****...
1-3 of 3 Results