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    hey guys, Ive put probably 15k on my gti since buying it, and those were a hard 15k (I beat on my car). I cant remember if the guy said he did the water pump and timing belt before he sold me it or not, is there a way to tell that I need to do them soon? I dont want my belt going and just...
    i have a problem, my coolant has been leaking lately and i cant figure out the problem. the coolant leaks from the right side and when i went to look under the car i noticed it dripping from the underside of the engine. i had my fther mechanic look at it and he automatically assumed it was the...
    Im in deep guys. got a 2001 gti (145k miles)on my hands and it was overheating when idling for over 10 mins or so but when im normally driving it wudnt and my fans didnt seem to turn on when they were supposed to. so i went to a VW dealership to get a diagnostic and this is what they told me...
1-3 of 3 Results