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    I am selling my Glen Watkins Rims off my 2013 GTI Drivers Edition. Rims have no major rash. A couple rims have a little micro rash on the very outside edge of the rim, where it meets the tire, but it is literally not visible. Bought the car when it was a year old, and have not kissed a single...
  2. Mid-Atlantic: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Penn
    Hey guys. I like cars, gti's of course and I have one. I would like to get into the scene a little bit, but wanted to start by meetin up with other vdub people. I was thinking maybe we can do a VW meet, or like a euro meet once every week so we can discuss the disgusting amounts of money we plan...
  3. SouthWest Region of the United States: California,
    We are hosting an Ortega Run on 10/20. All car makes are welcome. We'll be meeting at the McDonalds off Del Obispo, right next to Ortega at 7:30am, enjoy a quick breakfast, and then storm the canyon shortly after 8. You don't have to meet us for breakfast, but we'll be leaving directly from...
    how do you get the front hood to cover the top of the headlights like that? ALSO: I plan on putting this bodykit on my 93 MK3, the seller said it would fit but it looks like its on an MK4 right now, will this fit??
    I'm looking to sell or trade my 2003 Volkswagen Gti 20th anniversary edition , it is #0001 of 4000 , so it was the first one made. Looking to get 12000 or best offer The car runs great, no problems with it. Very clean and in great condition , 6 speed manual mods and other stuff: 70k miles GIAC...
    Do you want to protect your new remote? Silicone Covers for VW Remote! 8.99 SHIPPED Please email me here-> CLICK HERE
  7. East South Central: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi
    hey everyone please add this Facebook Group if you live in the Southeastern part of the USA.
    i'm looking to buy an mk2 gti. must be running with minimal to no problems. email me with what you've got! i'd like to know: how many miles it has if it's manual or automatic if it has a clean title what you want for it and any pictures you might have of it Preferably I would like a black 16V
  9. VW GTI
    I'm looking to ride with other GTI's in the summer time through some nice roads. I've done google searches and I can't really find any GTI clubs in the Toronto area... There's got to be some, Toronto's a big place! Anyone can help me out??? Even clubs that go on "cruises" in the area with cars...
  10. VW GTI For Sale
    I have my 2002 GTI 1.8T for sale 818-917-8223 - Nicolas 43,000 original miles! - pictures of the engine and car speak for themselves. $6,000. (Check out Kelley Blue Book link below to see market value of car) Not in a rush to sell it, so I will not take any low offers. Salvaged title...
  11. MKIV GTI
    so i bought an o5 vw gti 1.8t mkiv a couple of years ago...and I've had nothing but problems...i really like the car but Im starting to lose hope in it. so far I've dropped about 9 g's into just repairs to keep it running. I've burned out 3 ignition coils my spark plugs d=foul out about every...
  12. Fahrenheit GTI
    Selling my GTI Fahrenheit. Extremely clean. No accidents. 29,xxx miles I live in Portland, Oregon. Feel free to email me if you are interested or have questions. Local dealer just sold one with more miles and and in worse condition for $21,900!!! Crazy! I'm asking $17,500 - firm on price due...
  13. MKV GTI
    title says it all. yesterday I pulled my back hatch badge and started brainstorming. soon after I talked to my dad, (who is a cnc machinist) we decided to make our own. I just thought I'd share with you all and get some inspiration. our current plan of action is to cut the VW down into the...
  14. GTI Owner's Rides
    Hey guys, I'm a new member and owner here, just showing off my latest pick up! 2003 20th Anniversary, shes pretty clean and Im really happy with her. A few things I need to take care of, 02 sensor and plugs and wires, other than that she runs real smooth. A few mods, Konig coilovers, 3"...
  15. GTI Owner's Rides
1-15 of 15 Results