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    Bought a forge 007 diverter valve from a friend for 100$ usd along with a n75h frequency valve for 70$ Long story short i installed both today, i am completely stock only mod are the valves. When i was driving and let off throttle i dont hear any noise exiting the valve I was expecting to hear...
    In the past couple months I've slowly noticed more and more of this noise in the top end that's gradually gotten worse. Now it's to a point that is beginning to concern me. I've also noticed a gradual lose of power in the past few weeks. The noise begins after the vehicle has been running for...
    I was driving my 05' 1.8 the other day and the car just died all of the sudden. I scanned it with my VAG COM and it said I had a bad camshaft position sensor. I changed the sensor but the car still wouldn't start. After I looked under the hood again I noticed that there were about 5 or so teeth...
  4. MKV GTI
    hey guys, Has anyone upgraded their blow of valve on their turbo to an after market one? I heard that the stock valves with a ECU tune can get damaged pretty quickly. Also heard that with a after market one when you switch gears you will start with more boost.
1-4 of 4 Results